Hydroponic Environment Movement to Support The National Food Security by Demak Military District Command 0716

DEMAK, Bratapos.com – (17/04/2021) Hydroponics comes from the ancient Greek formation of “hydro”, meaning water, and “ponics”, meaning labor. The water is doing the work here and enabling the fast growth of plants.

At its core, hydroponics is a method of growing plants. But instead of using soil, hydroponics depends on a water-based nutrient-rich solution. The idea may seem like a novel “hack”, but has actually been around for thousands of years and helped to enable population growth as the availability of arable land decreases.

The ability to not use soil and instead use organic substances like perlite, coco coir, rock wool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite has provided numerous benefits to growers everywhere. Increased growth results from allowing the roots of each plant to come in direct contact with the nutrient solution. This is further enabled by the increased access to oxygen compared to its soil counterpart.

hydroponic gardening by Chief of Military District Command 0716, Lieutenant Colonel Arh M.Ufiz at the Military District compound in Demak, Central Jawa, has produced dozens of kilograms of vegetables. LtCol Ufiz, said on Saturday that the military troops had used around 250-square-meter plot of land to grow various types of vegetables like lettuce, red spinach, mustard and bok choy, using the hydroponic method.

In line with the, Lieutenant Colonel Arh M.Ufiz’s instructions, the Demak Military District Command 0716 military troops are increasingly active in carrying out various programs and environmental sustainability movements. As the most trusted institution, the Indonesian Army TNI-AD also seeks to be present and close to the public through a green program i.e. the presence of hydroponic, green gardens, in the middle of a densely populated urban area.

The program is part of efforts to preserve the environment and to educate the public so that the Indonesian Army can inspire people to grow crops, so that people can save a minimum of spending on vegetables. It is envisaged that this program is indeed not solely oriented to environmental aspects, but is part of efforts to build public awareness to build national food security. In its implementation. LtCol Ufiz added.

Reporter: Ershad
Editor: Arta
Publisher: Arifin